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Using Your MicroCurrent Stimulator

By Mark Nelson O.P.A.

Your doctor is recommending an electronic stimulator called the M.E.N.S. I have created this information to help you to get the best possible results from the device and to explain how the MicroStim unit differs from the TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator) units you may have seen in the past.
The device you will be using is a MicroCurrent Electrical Nerve Stimulator. It is not a standard, old-time TENS unit. The device is far more sophisticated than the old TENS units. This new device uses currents which are much, much smaller and more comfortable than the old TENS units.
If you're familiar with a TENS unit, good! The way TENS works is you put the patches on your back and they stay there. It's actually what I call a very static design. You feel it pulsing or you feel a rather high current coursing through the area. The M.E.N.S. is totally different your own body’s currents are microcurrent generators by nature.
What we're going to do is introduce a current that is very much like our own body's current. You can not feel your own body's electrical currents. When a microcurrent stimulator is set correctly, you don't feel the current. Matter of fact, if you do feel it, it's only because the unit is turned up too high. Then what you do is turn the unit down a little bit. Keep turning it down slowly until you can no longer feel it. You can start effecting the pathways with this current. We're going to point out where we want you to put the patches a little later.

Remember I called the TENS unit a static device, what we're talking about with the M.E.N.S. is dynamic activity in motion. We may be moving the patches around to different areas of your body. Wherever the pain is affecting you, we'll be sending the current there. We will seek out and find the hot spots and park the patches there.

THE EXPERIENCE OF USING IT: As a patient, when you start using the M.E.N.S., you will use it somewhere on the order of about 3 times a day, 20 minutes each time. We say this only as an example. Some patients need it more, some less.

Once you understand what your body is asking for, in other words, where the hot spots are, where the affected pathways are, then you probably will be able to focus on the problem areas a little more quickly. The treatment is totally painless.

Q: How long will it take to get relief and how long does it last?
Many patients feel the relief the very first time they use the ME.N.S. With some the pain relief happens over a period of time, giving longer and longer periods of relief. It will actually start to diminish their pain and they'll use it once or twice a week.

After a while, many patients stop using the device because their pain is tolerable or gone. Many stop using it too soon. Sometimes, down the road, I'll get a call from one of the patients complaining that the pain is reoccurring. Almost inevitably when I ask them "Are you still using the unit? They say "will no I'm not using it" My reply is always "start using it and then call me if you still have pain." Very few call back because almost all receive relief when they start to use the M.E.N.S. Again.

What we are trying to do is to help the body to repair certain areas that are energetically depleted. With our clinical unit, we can actually measure conductivity, which can help us to locate the spots that are weaker and areas that are injured.

Essentially, what we're going to be doing is feeding those areas with energy. We are trying to restore them to their normal state. When we are treating pain with microcurrent pain management, we are feeding (energizing or charging) areas where the tissue needs to be fed. These areas are generally quite abused. These areas are usually energetically depleted.

Treatment with the M.E.N.S. Seems to be the best and fastest way we have found to provide profound, long-term pain management.

Q: Would it have helped if I had come in sooner, say, several years ago?
Well that's possible. If you had the injury for a couple of years you cannot count getting as fast a result as if you had come in a years earlier. The good news is that the M.E.N.S. unit works very well on injuries of a chronic (tong term) nature While the results may not be as rapid, the long time frame does not usually prevent good result results we see with newer pain problems.

What we're talking about here is returning the tissue to a more normal state. This takes time. In some cases, we may try several different modalities or possibly even surgery to stop the pain in the affected area. Our goal is to effect the nerve with a current that will help it normalize. We feel that the M.E.N.S. is the most effective tool that we have to stop the pain. We strongly recommend that you use it as directed to create your best chance for a complete recovery from pain without having to use more radical procedures.

TENS is a kind of irritant, it's sending a message that tries to fool the brain that says 'Hey check this out, hmmmmm, and your brain is saying 'Yeah, I don't feel that other pain now.' Microcurrent is different. It isn't meant to send a high voltage in there or irritate. We are not trying to fool your body; we want to make it more normal. When the unit's current is set correctly, you won't even feel it. That's the beauty of it.

This unit will create significant relief for most pain patients. You will feel much better and your lifestyle will improve.

We're looking to hearing what you have to say and giving you all the support you need to make this endeavor a success.
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