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Digital TENS TS-1211

This unit come in a plastic carrying case with:
(1) Manual
(2) packs of four reusable electrodes
(2) lead wires
(2) Nine Volt Batteries
Our units come with a Five Year Warranty, and will be replaced for any reason, except gross neglect resulting in physical damage of the unit.
TENS Digital Electrical Nerve Stimulator. This is a state of the art unit. (Our Best Tens)

Directions for use Click Here

Unit Price: $119.95

T.E.N.S. is the abbreviation for transcutaneous (through the skin) electrical nerve stimulation. It is a medical method of reducing or eliminating pain without drugs.
T.E.N.S. works by delivering mild electrical signals through the skin to underlying nerve fibers to modify the perception of pain
The T.E.N.S. system consists of a small battery—powered stimulator that generates low—intensity electrical signals that are passed along lead wires to two or more electrodes, which then direct the signals through the skin at the appropriate sites on the body.

Is T.E.N.S safe?

Yes. The notion of putting electricity in to the body may seem frightening at first, but all you feel is a mild “tingling” sensation at the electrodes, Unlike various drugs, TENS does not cause any dangerous side effects. Other than relieving pain, TENS does not appear to change normal perception.
Patients using demand type cardiac pacemakers or patients, who are pregnant, may not be able to use TENS and should consult their physician.

A prescription to purchase this device is required for the general public in the USA.
For Doctors and Physical therapist No prescription is required.

Click here for Prescription information to purchase this unit here

Click here for the Prescription Form to be used for people with insurance

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